Grand Steel Piling
/ East Siberia- Pacific Ocean, Russia

East Siberia- Pacific Ocean, Russia

This is for a big ship yard project, clients visited Grand Piling factory with the project owners.After face to face technical meeting between two parties’ engineers, the project owner accepted Grand Piling’s design. Total quantity is 4500 tons, supply frame is 6 month. Tie rod diameter from 50mm to 150mm,steel grade S700, with epoxy primer painting.This is one of the biggest tie rod projects Grand Piling has supplied. The tie rod design was performed in accordance with BS8081. Geotechnical loads were calculated from representative soil parameters and considered working load values. The effects of the various load cases were considered. Tie rod capacity was designed to have a factor of safety of 2.0 (uncorroded) and 1.75 (corroded) on static load conditions, and a factor of 1.1 applied in seismic conditions.All the marine tie rod works are produced in our factory in China. Separate additional tie rods provided for quick release hooks. No bollard loads were considered in the main tieback system. Corrosion of the tie rod system was considered for 35 years.

Project Photos

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