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Sheet pile can be classified into steel sheet pile, vinyl sheet pile, timber sheet pile or concrete sheet pile, depending on the materials used. Steel sheet pile have been used over 100 years all over the world, but the steel rust and endless maintenance is the main disadvantages. Until the creation of vinyl sheet piles over 20 years ago, vinyl sheet pile solve all these problems. Vinyl sheet piling have different names: PVC sheet pile, uPVC sheet pile, composite sheet pile, plastic sheet pile , plastic piling , plastic sheet piling
Synthetic sheet piling etc, all mean same things. Today, PVC sheet piles have been used widely like seawalls, bulkheads, lake walls and water control structures etc. There are so many advantages of plastic sheet piles:


Vinyl Sheet Piling Advantages:
1. The Vinyl sheet piles never rust and maintains its original looks all time. The plastic sheet pile does not require any maintenance and always looks clean and good. The Vinyl piling can be supplied in different colors, no other materials can achieve this functions.
2. Durability: Composite sheet piles are resistant to sun's ultra violet rays and chemicals and are not affected by water organisms. Vinyl sheet piling are also resistant to rodent and marine borer attack and not effected by salt waters. Plastic can be used where steel, concrete, wood can not.
3. Easy to handle: Since Vinyl sheet piles are lighter than steel, so easier to hand and cut.
4.Plastic sheet piles  are environment friendly. The sheet piles are manufactured from recycled plastic and don't contain any harmful substances which may leak into the environment. This make vinyl sheet pile the only options for home construction, health care, communications etc.
5. Low costs. Also because of its smaller weight, the transportations costs is relatively lower. In some countries, import tax is heavy for steel sheet pilings, but no tax for Vinyl sheet piles, which will make the final prices of plastic sheet piles much cheaper.
6. Nowadays Plastic sheet piling systems are already available on the market, like Vinyl caps, Vinyl walers, Vinyl tier rods, Vinyl anchors, Vinyl accessories are all available. That means as long as steel sheet piles can be used ,Vinyl sheet pile can also be used. The Plastic sheet piling itself also have different shapes, like box profile, Z profile, flat profile, trench pile, flat pile, corner pile, full pan pile etc.


Vinyl capping beams Plastic sheet piling used as seawall and retaining wall


Vinyl Sheet Pile Catalog

Section Width Height Thickness Profile Allowable
Moment of
b mm h mm t mm s mm kNm/m cm3/m cm4/m
Vinyl sheet pile  
SG-950 457 305 16.5 16.5 Z 67.37 3,054 46,567
SG-850 457 254 13.1 13.1 Z 44.12 2,000 25,400
FP-575 610 229 12.1 7.4 Flat 37.01 1,677 12,430
SG-650 457 254 9.8 9.8 Z 35.11 1,591 20,212
SG-625 762 254 9.8 9.8 Box 28.94 1,312 16,660
FP-475 610 178 6.1 6.4 Flat 24.32 1,102 6,145
CL-9900 610 229 8.9 8.9 Box 23.72 1,075 12,290
SG-550 305 203 9.4 9.4 Z 23.13 1,048 10,652
SG-525 610 229 7.4 7.4 Box 20.87 946 10,788
CL-9000 610 229 7.1 7.1 Box 19.22 871 9,969
SG-425 610 203 7.2 7.2 Box 16.96 769 7,784
SG-300 305 178 6.4 6.4 Z 13.88 629 5,599
SG-325 610 178 6.4 6.4 Box 13.17 597 5,326
SG-225 457 127 5.7 5.7 Box 8.54 387 2,458

Note: Other sizes are also available upon request.


Composite sheet piling installation methods
We can provide advice on the different methods of installing Synthetic sheet piling. Short lengths can be inserted into the ground by hand with a mallet and Pile Cap, since it is very light. Longer lengths, or insertion into difficult ground conditions, will require more complicated installations.
Driving: This is the most widely used method of installing synthetic sheet piles. With pre-installed templates and vibratory hammers, synthetic sheet piles are mechanically pressed into the ground. Light machines with small impact energy are preferred to avoid any damages to the PVC sheet pile. What types of machines used depends on type of soils, the PVC sheet pile durability and driving depth required. A special guide bar called mandrel shall be used in hard and dense grounds. Several mandrels can be used same time to guarantee a smooth installation.
Jetting: In some cases, the grounds might be too tough and there might be obstacles in the soils, Vibratory hammers cannot drive the composite sheet pile into required depth. Jetting can loosen or remove soils and obstacles. Air ejector or special water might be used
Digging: In stony ground, you cannot drive the composite sheet piling, nor the jetting can be used. Contractors need to dig first. Then the plastic piling is installed in a ditch, which will be filled on both sides. Chemical or Mechanical hardening of the ground shall be applied. When using digging, the installation depth is normally small. If long sheet pile wall need to installation, steel sheet piling is definitely better than uPVC sheet pile.


Vinyl sheet piles projects


Arrived on jobsites Plastic sheet piles are used for seawalls, bulkheads, lake walls etc