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Steel sheet piling are rolled steel sections with interlocks or clutches on both sides,  so that they can be driven into ground and form a continuous retaining wall to separate soils or water or sand etc.  Due to the good resistance and excellent water-tightness by sealant or welding, metal sheet piles have been widely used in retaining walls, deep foundations, bulkheads, land reclamation,  bridge piers and abutment, port and harbour constructions, rivers, canals etc.

Sheet piles can be classified into Larssen sheet piles or hot rolled sheet pile, cold rolled sheet piles or cold formed sheet pile. There are differences between Hot rolled and cold rolled sheet piles. They have advantages and disadvantages. Hot rolled sections are also called Larssen sheet piles. There are different types of interlocks or connectors:Larssen and Hoesch Frodingham type, socket and ball profiles, hook and grip sections etc. Cold rolled or cold formed sheet piles are rolled from steel plates at normal temperature and can have similar properties and strength as hot rolled sheet pile. Sheet piling contractors, suppliers or manufacturer can do the cost, design, installation and driving of the retaining wall with pile driver.

Sheet pile types are many, like U type, Z sections, Omega type, flat type, pan type, hat type, straight web type metal sheet piles. In Asia, especially Japan and south Korea,  U profiles have been used almost 100 years. Z sections are more popular in Europe and USA due to its good ratio between modulus of section and weight. No matter what specifications and dimensions, all steel piles can achieve similar properties.

Retaining walls can be divided into cantilever or tied and strutted walls. Tied walls need a tie-back anchor,  or "dead-man" placed in the soil a distance behind the face of the wall,  that is tied to the wall,  usually by a cable or a rod. Strutted walls use struts (steel channels or steel beams or steel pipes) to support, with the strength of waling and waler.

These products can be used permanently or temporary in cofferdam, Jetty Construction, quay wall, strutting and dewatering, containment barriers. We can also produce special sheet piling sections or corner piles.  

There are different standards for sheet piling, most famous are:
European standard EN10248 and EN10249 for European
ASTM A328 / ASTM A328M, A690,  etc for USA and some Latin and South America countries.
JIS A 5523 and JIS A 5528 for Japan and Asia countries.
Other sheet piling standard are all drafted based on above stands, for example:MS 2025 for Malaysia

There are different sheet pile manufacturer or suppliers or factories, we can always have the perfect solutions for you. We can also produce sheet pile products and accessories, like hydraulic hammers, diesel hammers, vibration hammers, sheet piling machines, rigs, drivers, second hand or used products etc.


Differences between cold formed and hot rolled sheet piles

  Cold formed Hot rolled
Production At ambient temperature from steel coils. At high temperature from steel billets or recycled wast steel
Interlocks or clutches Hook and grip connectors Larssen types or socket and ball types
Watertight With sealant or welding Sealant, crimp and welding
Thickness Maximum 18mm thickness 27.6mm in JIS standard, 24mm in EN European standard.
Dimensions Width, height, thickness can adjust randomly The specifications are limited and fixed.
Standard EN10249, ASTM A328 EN 10248 JIS A 5523 5528
Steel grades S235 JRC, S275 JRC, S355 JOC or others S355GP, S390GP, SY295, SY390, Grade 50, ASTM A690 etc.
Installation by Excavator hydraulic or diesel vibration hammers Crane hang type vibro or drop hammers, rigs or machines
Temporary uses Cofferdam, retaining walls, car parking, bulkheads Land reclamation, Dock and jetty, dewatering, quay wall, road
Permanent usage Bridge piers and abutment, canals, excavation Deep foundations, containment barriers, tunnel, environment
Piling shapes U, Z, L, S, Pan, Flat, hat profiles U, Z, hat, straight web, king piles
Properties strength Can tailor made to any modulus of section Moment of inertia and bending moment are limited
Sequence Design, production, installation and excavation Calculation, construction, extraction, excavation
Second hand Used sections over 10 times Can be rental or rented over 10 times.
Paint/Galvanizing PPG, International, Jotun, Sigmacover, Hempel Denso, Zinc rich paint same as cold rolled
Applications Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA America, South Africa, middle east, Russia, UK, India
Anchor forms Cantilever, tie back anchors, strutted Deadman anchors, tie rod, tie cables, waler, waling
Supply form In single, welded double, or triple In single, or crimped form I or II doubles.
Corner and junctions Cold formed interlock or clutches Hot rolled clutches, C 9, C 14, Delta 13,  Omega 18, E20, E21, E22
Dimension types OT, OZ, PAZ, PAU, PAL, SCU, SCZ, SCH, GPZ, GPU, GPL AU, PU, GU, Larssen, Heosch, PZ, PZC, Japan types, VL, Czech types
Suppliers kind Manufacturer, factory, mill, stockist, traders, dealers Mills, Contributors, agent, piling contractors, construction


Hot rolled sheet piles VS Cold formed sheet pile

1. Can hot rolled can cold formed replace each other?

Yes, as long as these two profiles have similar modulus of section and bending moment. Sometimes when corrosion is also considered, painting, galvanizing, cathodic protections by sacrificial anodes and concrete encasement. Cold formed sections have developed over 20 years, and we already have a complete solutions of design, installation and combined wall systems.

2. Are hot rolled sheet piling more watertight and any methods on this?

There is no sheet piling 100% watertight without usage of sealant and welding. A pump is normally used if there are too much water passing through, like cofferdam, underground car parking, bridges. Cold rolled sheet piles can achieve same watertight and since it has bigger interlock, it is more easier to drive and extract. A commonly used cheap watertight sealant solution: Butter greese, bitumen, dry saw dust, dry clay are mixed thoroughly in proposition of 2:2:2:1 (in terms of weight), and put until around 2/3 of interlock space. This can make the driving more smoothly. and also watertight. 

3. Are cold formed sheet piling lower prices?  

It depends on what sizes do you choose. For normal 400mm wide U sizes, hot rolled sections are lower costs because smaller billets are used and less wastage. U type 600mm, 700mm, 750m and even wider hot rolled types are more expensive than cold rolled sizes. Cold rolled sizes are normally cheaper than AZ types sections.  

4. Can the factory tailor made specifications for us?

For cold rolled,  no problem. Manufacturers can adjust the rollers and produce in almost any width, height, thickness and length. Grand Piling can produce width over 1500mm. Height over 600mm. Thickness up to 18mm. The longest we have produced is 100mm in China South Sea project. For hot rolled, the calculation is different. Almost each size need a completely new rollers, which are over one million USD. So you can choose from the existing catalogs.

5. Which type has quick delivery time?

We have around 80, 000 tons of various types in stock. This means we can always delivery something to you quicker. If we don’t have stock, we can always start to delivery around one month after order. But for hot rolled sections, delivery time depends on our production schedule. If the quantity is over 1000 tons, we can arrange productions for you specially. Delivery time is within one month.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Piling

U Type Z Type Omega Type Trench Sheets
Cold rolled or cold formed U type sheet piles are most Z profile steel sheet piles are call Z because one sin The Omega type sheet pile has a hat shape cross sectio Steel trench sheets can be supplied in a variety of pr


Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Piling

U Type Z Type Straight Web Sections
Hot rolled steel sheet pile forms its shape from the m Z type hot rolled steel sheet piles normally refer to Straight web sheet pile structures are constructed as