Grand Steel Piling
/ Reggane Nord Project, Algeria

Reggane Nord Project, Algeria

2800 tons of Ø1,540mm x 20mm SSAW tubular piles. 720 tons of AZ18-700 and C9 interlocks to connect sheet piles and the wall. The piles required 1,500 microns of Jotun’sBaltoflake applied in various lengths before shipping.The clutch tolerances were made after specific discussions with the contractor taking into consideration the length of the tubes and sheet piles and the design requirements for hot rolled clutches for combi wall systems. The guide is essential in the efficient installation of long marine sheet pile walls. Without it productivity is greatly reduced as well as the straightness and aesthetics of the final wall. With Ports globally getting deeper and deeper in order to handle the bigger vessels and other newer and larger conventional vessels in is expected that more and more clients and Port owners will look to these very solutions for their requirements.

Project Photos