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Application Of Steel Sheet Piles

The steel sheet piles are installed 15m away from the edges of the island, while driven 0.2m beneath the original sand level at the edges. Sheet piles installed at the northeast corner arc and on both sides of the 250m island wall are 14m in length, while the remaining sheet pile installed is 12m.

By installing steel sheet piles on the north and south sides of the artificial island, we managed to create a "omni-directional protective effect" for all the borders of the island. What resulted from this was the continuous wall formed by the steel sheet pile underground provided more than sufficient protection for the island wall foundation and interior land area against the strong wind and waves in the area. Another benefit of deploying steel sheet pile in this particular context is that different construction methods can be adopted in different separate areas according to the surrounding environment or specific needs of your project. This particular feature was of utmost importance here where variance in tide levels and environmental complications across the large area made a single, inflexible solution inappropriate.

The deep water areas, exposed beach areas and transition zones in between all required different construction methods. More specifically, in the deep water area steel sheet piles are driven (with a vibration hammer) to -2.5m below the mud surface level to accommodate for up to 10m water depth at the highest tide levels. Additionally, steel sheet pile is welded in groups of 3~5 on delivery boats to increase water-tightness between steel sheet piles and to reduce the number of possible water leakage areas.

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