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Cofferdam of sheet piling

A Cofferdam is a temporary structure built within, or in pairs across, a body of water and is constructed to allow the enclosed area to be pumped out. This pumping creates a dry working environment for the major work to proceed.

Cofferdams are generally required for foundations of structures, such as bridge piers, marines, harbours, ports, docks, locks, and dams, which are built in open water or used on land where there is a high groundwater table. Cofferdams consist of a relatively impermeable wall built around the periphery of the proposed excavation, comprising welded steel structures, with components consisting of sheet piling, wales, and cross braces. Such structures are typically dismantled after the ultimate work is completed. A Cofferdam can be constructed in almost any desired shape. However, for practical and reasons of economy, most cofferdams are either rectangular or circular.

Through close relations with clients, developers and principal contractors, our sheet piling team are able to help develop successful projects, built on reliable and relevant methodologies, whether these relate to permanent installations or temporary ones. We will address each project and suggest alternative approaches if it appears to us that a project would benefit from a different approach and we can save the client time, money and hassle, buy offering an expert view on how a job could be tackled in a more appropriate manner.

Whatever the client’s remit, problem or challenge, if it involves sheet piling, we can engineer an approach to help fulfil or tackle it.

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