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Sheet Pile Retaining Walls

Where restricted space will not allow for temporary works to take place, a sheet pile retaining wall can be the most cost effective solution.

Common applications include retail and commercial service yards, flood defence walls, axially loaded foundations as well as any general barrier/retaining wall.

Where difficult ground conditions are encountered, our extensive range of equipment can install sheet piles with ease. Piling into rock and dense/hard ground whilst satisfying noise and vibration restrictions is a routine operation.

Our experienced in-house technical design engineers are able to offer a full design service for such schemes, including the relevant Approval in Principal or Network Rail documentation, together with independent checking (where applicable).

Once our sheet pile retaining walls are installed, excavation works can commence immediately, negating the need for any curing period that is normally required for alternative secant and contiguous pile walls. And if you want to use sheet piles as your finished surface, exposed sheet piles can also be shot blasted and painted to provide an aesthetically acceptable finish, pass fire legislation and increase the retaining wall's lifespan.

Additionally, if desired, a wide range of 'non-structural' cladding solutions can be constructed in front of the wall.

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