Grand Steel Piling


While the annual consumption of sheet piling in this country rarely exceeds 250,000 U.S. tons, the number of producers and the availability of sections has increased dramatically in the last ten years. In 1960 there were two U.S. producers, each offering nine sheet piling sections.

Today there are at least 14 U.S. and non-U.S. producers offering over 200 sections in this country. Competitive factors have generated development of new, wider, more-efficient sections. Large Z-shapes are now available for deep construction with section modulus of almost twice that previously available. A wall system has been developed using large H-sections combined with light Z-shapes that greatly increases the section modulus. Light weight "gauge" material is produced on the cold forming mills for economical shallow bulkheading and trench work.

Higher strength steels up to 60 ksi yield point have also been effectively used in sheet piling design. These grades offer the opportunity to save weight or to extend bending or interlock strengths beyond those of conventional grades. For those applications that require it, corrosion resistant steel can also be specified as well.

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