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Systhetic sheet piling

Ysthetic sheet piling is a surprisingly strong and durable solution for ground or flood, such as seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, etc.

Ysthetic sheet piling is a relavitely new product in Europe whereas in the United States there is more than 50 years experience. In that period there has been a process of development and improvement of this product to a sheet pile which can compete with the traditional systems and surpasses this in many cases.

Ysthetic sheet pile is a leading manufacturer of vinyl sheet piles for seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls etc. Using ysthetic sheet pile ensures decades of maintenance free retaining wall and/or seawall.

Composite sheet piling, a fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet pile, have become an essential addition to the building of retaining walls and seawalls.


Systhetic sheet piling is used in many engineering applications and in a fast growing number of projects vinyl sheet piles are choosen.

  • •  Shoreline protection/revetment
  • •  Embankment
  • •  Construction pits
  • •  Retaining walls
  • •  Seepage
  • •  Isolation waste dump and pollution

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