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The definition and application of steel sheet pile

Steel sheet pile is a kind of edge linkage device, and the linkage device can be combined freely to form a continuous and tight steel structure of retaining wall or retaining wall.

The cold rolled steel sheet pile is formed by continuous rolling of the cold bending unit, and the side lock can be continuously overlapped to form a steel structure of the sheet pile wall.

Steel sheet pile is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection material, which is used for bank protection, excavation engineering, and building foundation engineering. Larsen steel sheet piles are widely used in wharf, harbor, dock, embankment revetment, watertight cofferdam, river regulation, embankment reinforcement, retaining wall, water cap, retaining wall and building foundation pit support. The steel sheet pile is pressed into the foundation by the piling machine, and the pile is connected to the steel sheet pile wall for retaining the soil and retaining the water. The common types of sections are: U, Z and straight abdominal plate. Steel sheet pile is suitable for soft foundation and deep foundation pit support with high groundwater level, and its construction is simple. Its advantages are good water stop performance and can be reused.