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The future of sheet piles

Sheet Piles are Z or U shaped long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. Interlocked sheet piles form a wall which is earth tight or water resistant and are commonly used for the construction of retaining walls, cofferdams, bulkheads and seawalls.

Sheet piles are light types of profiles, easy to handle and fast to install in both soil and water environments. The interlocks of sheet piles are suitable for strong connections, also in combination with H beams and tubular piles (combi-walls). Sheet piles have a long service life and can be used for temporary and permanent applications. The use of sheet piles would allow to work in narrow spaces.

Grand Piling is constantly developing and enhancing the range of sheet piles. By 2017 some new families of Z type sheet piles will be introduced .Also value added services as design services, crimping and welding of sheet piles , painting and application of sealant will be offered. Within the coming years Grand Piling will establish a full range of U and Z type sheet piles, from light to heavy, to strengthen their global position as a manufacturer of sheet piles.

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