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Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method

Tubular sheet piles are tubular piles provided with an interlock, which gives them enormous cross-sectional strength and bending rigidity. Therefore, this type of pile is used widely in ports and rivers (for coastal walls, revetments and breakwaters), urban engineering projects (for retaining walls and cofferdams), bridges (for tubular sheet pile foundations), and many other applications.

The Tubular Sheet Pile Press-in Method utilizes the superiority of the press-in principle to insert piles continuously, without causing any structural damage due to noise or vibration, resulting in a strong implant structure. The tubular sheet pile press-in machine (Tubular Piler) uses a hydraulically-powered static load press-in method, so that piles can be installed precisely, while monitoring the bearing capacity of each individual pile and ensuring there is no damage to the pile or disturbance of the ground. This enables the safe construction of a high-quality continuous wall that can withstand both horizontal and vertical forces in any direction.

Furthermore, by using the "GRB system" so that all of the steps - transporting, pitching and pressing in the piles - are carried out from on top of the installed piles, rapid and compact construction is possible in any location, without the need for temporary structures. The result is a truly exellent balance of the Five Construction Principles "Environmental Protection, Safety, Speed, Economy and Aesthetics".

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