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Types of sheet piling

Anchored sheet piles

Anchoring the sheet piles causes less penetration, which is economical when the height is less than 6m. This is because the anchor walls are pre-stressed to remove the slack from the system. It remains as it is until creep occurs. Anchor walls provide better back-slope subsidence because they undergo less lateral deflection. There are two major reasons for subsidence:

  • •  If the anchor holes cave before grouting.
  • •  If the cohesion material flows into the excavation through the opening which was earlier made for anchor installation.

The anchors create a large gravity wall by holding the soil mass between the anchors and the wall in compression.

Cantilever sheet piles

These are usually used for heights of 6m or less. In geotechnical practices, cantileverembedded retaining structures are used as sheet walls for temporary retaining structures and diaphragms & pile walls as permanent retaining structures.


When a bridge is being built, cofferdams can be used as a temporary structure designed to keep soil and water out of the excavation. It provides a dry work environment underwater by sealing the structure with concrete to prevent water from seeping in.

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