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An Introduction To Sheet Piling

Often left overlooked or unheard of, sheet piling is actually widely used in the world of construction and we may struggle to live without it.

Sheet piling plays a massive part in modern day life, helping out with all kinds of constructions and operations from basements and pump houses to seawalls and excavations.

Both reliable and cost-effective, sheet piling is often the go-to method for soil retention and water guarding so, if you want to know how sheet piling helps our everyday lives, keep reading this article.

What is it?

Sheet piling is a method usually used to retain soil using most commonly metal but sometimes vinyl or wood sheets. The edges of these sheets are interlocked and are mainly used to achieve one or more of three objectives.

How does it work?

These sheets are interlocked in such a way that they are connected firmly together and are then driven into the ground, either permanently or temporarily.

Usually, the sheet piles are driven into the ground with vibratory hammers but, in some cases, vibrations can be a concern. If using vibratory hammers is not an option, driving the sheet piles into the ground hydraulically is usually preferred.

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