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Sheet Piles Foundation Solutions

Sheet pile walls consists of interlocking steel sheets that join to create a retaining wall. Each sheet joins to adjacent ones by "lacing" along an interlocking seam. Two sheets join to make a "pair" and many pairs make up a wall.

The wall is installed by driving each sheet to depth normally using a vibratory hammer, although an impact hammer may be used in special situations using sheet pile legs (or pants).

Each adjacent sheet is then laced, interlocking the seams, then driven to depth. The seams slide along each other keeping the wall true.

Sheet pile walls provide a great deal of flexibility. Modifications can be made to the sheets to accomodate grade changes, curves, and bends. They are one of the most economical shoring systems and can be installed in both cantilever and tie-back configurations.

We have a wide variety of vibratory hammers, power packs, and tooling for installing these types of retaining walls up to and including the HPSI 500 - the largest vibro in North America. Our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility means we can accommodate practically any kind of modifications and even fabricate custom tooling if required.

Special high-frequency variable-moment vibratory hammers are used when vibrations must be minimised.

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