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Sheet piles - temporary solutions

Sheet piles walls are widely used as economically and technically effective temporary retaining structures and deep excavation support systems (sheet pile walls) protecting land slopes up to a dozen or so metres deep. Sheet piles are used in situations when apart from slope protection the following is required:

• excavation protection against ground water inflow.

• facilities prone to settlement are present in close proximity to the excavation.

Using pre-stressed ground anchors or retaining structure strutting systems made of sheet piles allows for protecting the surroundings from settlement and the existing buildings from damage. High effectiveness of sheet pile support systems is assured by high installation capacity and the possibility of recovering sheet piles. Possible applications are as follows:

• Driving, vibrating and pressing in steel sheet piles.

• Pre-washing or pre-drilling in order to facilitate excavation, which means that they can be used virtually in any soil and site conditions.

Our equipment enables us to install walls made of sheet piles as long as over 20 metres. They are installed by means of the vibratory method with the latest resonance-free hammers operating at high frequencies, which guarantees safe installation of sheet piles in close proximity to existing buildings or other structures sensitive to vibrations. Sheet piles can also be driven with hydraulic hammers. In the areas where sheet pile driving or vibrating is impossible or considered unsafe we use hydraulic presses, which guarantee vibration-free and silent (<75dB) installation. The pressing-in method is applied in close proximity to constructions prone to vibrations and in the areas where possible vibrations would result in soil consolidation and, consequently, settlement of the neighbouring buildings. This technology is mainly used for works in dense urban development, near historical buildings, unstable constructions and underground systems, glass facades, embankments prone to soil consolidation and inside halls and buildings. Sheet piles are also pressed when the soil parameters are regarded as weak or there is no possibility for heavy rig or crane operation.

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