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Vibratory Systems of Sheet Pile

Sheet pile driving: For the construction of retaining walls, sheet piles or steel beams are driven with high frequency vibrohammers. A casing is vibrated into the ground and backfilled with gravel or concrete when extracting the casing. Vibropiles (displacement piles) are used as load bearing elements or as a ground improvement system.

VIB-walls are used as cut-off walls. A heavy steel beam is driven to a predefined depth by a hydraulic vibrator. The slim gap which is created by the beam is filled with slurry when extracting the beam. A continuous wall is formed by an overlapping construction of elements. A hydraulically driven vibrator cell with rotating eccentric weights is mounted at the bottom of the depth vibrator TR, producing vibrations in horizontal direction and creating a hole which is filled with pump concrete when extracting the vibroflot.

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