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Elaborate on Steel Sheet Piling

30. Elaborate on Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. The walls are most often used to retain either soil or water.


Sheet pile walls are constructed by driving prefabricated sections into the ground. Soil conditions may allow for the sections to be vibrated into ground instead of it being hammer driven.


With multiple stocking facilities throughout the United States, Hammer & Steel has a large selection of steel sheet piling products available for sale or rental. Our sheet piling products feature mechanical "ball and socket" connections that allow each steel sheet to interlock with another and create a rigid barrier for earth and water while resisting the lateral pressures of these forces.
Sheet Piles

27. Sheet Piles

Sheet piling is an earth retention and excavation support technique that retains soil, using steel sheet sections with interlocking edges. Sheet piles are installed in sequence to design depth along the planned excavation perimeter or seawall alignment.
Ground Anchors

26. Ground Anchors

A ground anchor is a load transfer system designed to transfer the forces applied to it to a competent stratum. An anchor is generally said to be temporary if it has a lifespan of under 18 months and permanent if the lifespan is over 18 months.
How it works?--Stingray Eearth Anchors

25. How it works?--Stingray Eearth Anchors

STINGRAY® anchors, a patented labor and time saving device, work like a toggle bolt in soil. The anchors are driven into the ground with conventional equipment (with no excavation and no grout), providing a safe and environmentally sensitive installation.
Duckbill Earth Anchors in brief

24. Duckbill Earth Anchors in brief

The largest of the DUCKBILL Earth Anchors, the anchor is cabled with a 5/16 inch (7.9mm) cable. Standard installation depth = approx. 60 in. Note that installation of this anchor requires a small jackhammer and a power drive steel.

23. Manta Ray Earth Anchor

Manta Ray Earth Anchor‘s Features •A rugged driven plate anchor for all types of soils •Can be installed in extremely tough soils such as caliche, decomposed rock, glacial till, and permafrost •Large model available for swamp application

22. Earth Anchors Applications

Earth Anchors design and supply outdoor furniture suitable for Councils, schools, special schools, playgrounds, parks, streets, places of interest, holiday parks, caravan parks, adventure parks, zoos, hospitals, shopping centres, shopping malls, hotels, motels, sports arenas and facilities, prisons, visitor attractions etc.
What is a Screw Pile?

21. What is a Screw Pile?

Steel screw piles are the most cost effective foundation type available in the domestic and commercial construction industry.
History of Helical Piles and Tension Anchors

19. History of Helical Piles and Tension Anchors

The helical pile was reportedly invented in the 1700's. Exactly how it was used back then is unknown to this author. In the early 1800's a constructor in England by the name of Alexander Mitchell used hand-installed helical screw piles in the design of foun-dations for lighthouses. T
Tieback Anchors

18. Tieback Anchors

Cost effective and proven, Rooftop Tieback Anchors are used for fall protection and a wide range of suspended access applications, including window cleaning, window washing, exterior building maintenance and façade maintenance.
Multi-Strand Anchors

17. Multi-Strand Anchors

As a result of recent technological developments in the structural post tensioning industry, the production of ground anchors with a very high capacity is possible. The use of strand anchors in rock and soil anchor applications has become a well respected tool in the geotechnical engineer’s arsenal of solutions.
Accessories for MAI SDA Self-drilling anchors

16. Accessories for MAI SDA Self-drilling anchors

Atlas Copco offers a range of accessories for MAI SDA Self-drilling anchors to suit different applications.
DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System

15. DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System

The DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System is a fully threaded steel bar which can be drilled and grouted into loose or collapsing soils without a casing.
Rock bolt in brief

14. Rock bolt in brief

Rock bolts were first used in mining starting in the 1890s, with systematic use documented at the St Joseph Lead Mine in the US in the 1920s. Rock bolts were applied to civil tunneling support in the US and in Australia, starting in the late 40s.
Seawall Fiberglass Composite

13. Seawall Fiberglass Composite

Fiberglass Sheet Pile, Fiberglass Composite Waler, Fiberglass Composite Fully Threaded Tie Rod, Non-Metallic Dome Nut and End Plate
Vinyl sheet piling installation

12. Vinyl sheet piling installation

The installation of PVC sheet piles must also comply with the project as well as fitting manual prepared by the manufacturer. Pietrucha is not responsible for any defects, which might result from incorrect application and/or installation. Installation methods
Why are so many people choosing vinyl sheet piling?

11. Why are so many people choosing vinyl sheet piling?

Materials like wood and concrete have been widely used in the past, but the use of these traditional materials is becoming virtually obsolete. With the advent of vinyl sheet piling, homeowners with oceanfront or lakefront property can now rely on the newest manufacturing technology to receive the best product on the market today. Cost Efficiency

10. Steel Pipe Piling Supply

Pipe piles are normally used in deep foundations to transfer the structure load to rock formations or to stronger soil conditions deep beneath the ground. Southland Pipe & Supply has the ability to cut and splice various diameters and wall thicknesses of carbon steel pipe piles to accommodate the specific load requirements of these structures.