Grand Steel Piling
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(Larssen 24/12, Larssen 25, Larssen 43 ,Larssen 430)Larssen section sheet piling



Section Dimensions Mass Moment
of inertia
of section
Width Height Thickness Per pile Wall
b h t s  








mm mm mm mm kg/m kg/m2 cm4/m cm3/m


500 340 10 9 61.8 123.6 21420 1260

LARSSEN22 10/10

500 340 10 10 64.9 129.8 22100 1300


500 420 11.2 10 77.5 155 42000 2000


500 420 15.6 10 87.5 175 52500 2500


500 420 15.6 12 92.7 185.4 53610 2550


500 420 20 11.5 103 206 63840 3040


500 420 12 12 83 166 34900 1660


708 420 12 12 166 234.5 241800 6450

This paper presents the Larssen section sheet piling Larssen 24/12 findings of a study on the impact Larssen 43 of reclamation Larssen 25 activities at the northern coast of Larssen 430 Batam Island. The study area is at the coastal area Larssen section sheet piling Larssen24/12 of the Sub-District (Kelurahan) of Bengkong larsen larson sheet pile Larssen25 Laut, Sadai and Tanjung Buntung. The focus of the study was on the changes in physical-chemical and biological environment as well as on the socioeconomy of fishermen in the form of fishery productivity and income level.

Field observation and Larsen larsen larsson sheet piles Larssen43 qualitative descriptive Larssen24/12 and Larssen25 analysis were larson Larssen430 used as an approach. Data were gathered from government institutions and larsson sheet piles Larssen43 from a set of questionnaires handed out larsson sheet piles Larssen430 to a total of 89 respondents. Results showed that reclamation activities changed the environment such as coastal morphology, hydro-oceanography, mangrove and coral reefs deterioration. Other effects are the hill-cutting and tree-cutting of the surrounding area to get filling materials for the reclamation project.

Among the consequences observed and recorded were flooding, erosions, Larssen 25 sedimentations, and adverse influences on the seawater quality, sea biota, local depletion of several kinds of fishes such as snappers, groupers, and Larssen 24/12 shrimps. These have reduced the income of the fishermen, forcing them to switch to other professions such as becoming tradesmen, laborers, and farmers.The history of fight against soil erosion in Iceland spans more than a century. Most of the reclamation work has been carried out by a governmental institution, the Soil Conservation Service (SCS). During the last two decades, Larssen 43 however, there has been a gradual shift towards more community involvement and ecosystem management for multiple benefits.

Today, most soil conservation projects are based on the principles of participatory planning (Arnalds 2005). At the same time public discussion Larssen 430 about land use and land conservation in Iceland is increasing. Some land reclamation projects are now questioned by members of the public, as they change the appearance of the landscape.Tailing ponds are created as dumping sites for waste created during several stages of oil recovery from bitumen deposits.